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These 2 Big Bucks Find It Hard to Hide in a Field

Deer just have to be the best hide and seek players most of the time.

In this case these big bucks fail miserably in their efforts to hide.

Witness quite a funny deer hiding fail when some big racks betray their owners.

Well hiding in a grassy field certainly did not work well for these buck deer. They were betrayed by their own huge racks sticking up from the grass.

While most deer would be well hidden when their heads are covered by high grass these bucks fail that test. Huge trophy racks allow this man to sneak up on the big beasts and ultimately surprise them. If it was hunting season, these bucks would be great meals and trophies on the wall.

Just when you think that animals are the masters of hiding, you witness such a poor display of common sense on their part. This is certainly never the case in hunting season as we have experienced.


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These 2 Big Bucks Find It Hard to Hide in a Field