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Thermo Tents Promise the Most Comfortable Outdoor Experience [VIDEO]

The Thermo Tent has finally solved the tent insulation problem.

When you are camping and it's hot out, your tent becomes an oven; the condensation dripping down the sides. When it is cold out, your tent becomes a freezer. There have been frigid mornings when I refuse to get out of my sleeping bag. The Thermo Tent promises to fix the age-old temperature problem by its ground-breaking design.

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Camping in a tent does not have to be uncomfortable and Thermo Tent has solved this problem. Thermo Tents are not only for outdoorsmen but for refugees across the world. These tents could be revolutionary.

The Thermo Tent has multiple layers which correctly insulates the tent, as well as provides a sound barrier. Tent walls can be pretty thin, especially if you are in a noisy campsite.

The tent is larger than most, one of the prototypes even has a living space and a porch.

Thermo Tent has also developed a tent to aid in disaster relief. This humanitarian project includes tents designed specifically for refugees.

The different levels of backing this project come with different rewards.

5 euros or more will get you a camping survival guide in PDF format.

25 euros or more will get you a survival bracelet.

79 euros or more will get you a USB charger that only needs salt water as fuel.

(each of these rewards includes the lower-value gifts as well.)

For a backing price of 295 euros you can go on an exclusive two-day camping trip with the Thermo Tent team. You'll be camping in a Thermo Tent.

The rewards get even better from there, the ultimate being for 4,950 euro you'll get a six-day trip to Ireland. And a Thermo Tent, obviously.

See more reward details.



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Thermo Tents Promise the Most Comfortable Outdoor Experience [VIDEO]