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Thermacell’s Scout Lantern is Every Mosquito-Hater’s Dream

It’s almost camping season and more than anything, that means mosquitos will be feasting, too. 

Nothing can ruin a perfectly good day like a hungry swam of mosquitos out for blood. Why go through that hassle when you can get the Thermacell Scout Lantern and go about your outdoor business as normal?

While the lantern is basically odorless, it emits protection against mosquitos, black flies, and other pesky bugs for about a 15 x 15-foot radius around the light. This is definitely one item I’ll be packing on my next camping trip as mosquito season is right around the corner in Texas.


Already some wet weather has brought out the bugs, and setting up the Thermacell Scout Lantern on the back porch delivered as advertised. The virtually unnoticeable gadget was easy to “set and forget,” and it truly kept the bugs at bay. We’ve yet to use up the butane fuel or the 12-hour Max Life Repellant Mat, and have probably only reached about half of those 12 hours. So far, so good; the Thermacell Scout Lantern will easily become a routine item for any trip outside.

The powerful light of the lantern, too, makes it equally useful as a light source when the sun goes down. It’s the perfect amount of light to still be able to spot the stars from around the campfire.

The size of the lantern itself is ideal for camping and hiking trips. I normally store my light sources in my pack and this fit comfortably inside for a two-day camping trip. Plus, I was able to leave the flashlight/lantern combo I have at home, and only needed a couple smaller flashlights in addition.

Though it might be a little bigger and bulkier than some would prefer in a treestand or small ground blind, Thermacell does pride themselves on their virtually odorless and silent operation, which has certainly caught on with hunters who’ve tried the smaller Thermacell Repellers. A few AA batteries, and you’re set to go.

Is the Thermacell Lantern worth it? At $39.99, there’s no doubt in our minds.



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Thermacell’s Scout Lantern is Every Mosquito-Hater’s Dream