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There’s a Pothole Bass in Every Puddle We See, Here’s Proof [VIDEO]

Never pass by even a little pond because if there’s water in it, a pothole bass must live there.

We’ve all seen that pond or bayou in our town and every single one of us who owns fishing gear has thought about chucking a plastic worm in it. Well, you’re never going to know what’s in there by just looking at it.

For the most part, bass don’t catch themselves. If you want to hook up to a nice largemouth then eventually you’re going to have to rig up and get out there.

This will get you psyched to try that little honey hole you’ve had your eye on.

This appears to be common land around a housing development which is great, but first things first: if it’s private property, ask first! Nothing gives sportsmen a bad name like helping themselves to somebody else’s bass. If you’re going to work for a nice bucketmouth, then start by knocking on a door or making a phone call. That’s not to say that this YouTube user was trespassing, not at all. But proving common courtesy exists is paramount and it starts with outdoorsmen.

Having said all that, it couldn’t be more fun to watch this guy catch a nice pothole bass out of that little bayou. As fishermen, we’ve all caught some nice fish in some strange places because we took a chance and chucked bait into it.

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There’s a Pothole Bass in Every Puddle We See, Here’s Proof [VIDEO]