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There's Nothing Quite Like a Kudu Hunt in South Africa

Kudu Hunt

There is something magical about a kudu hunt in Africa.

This hunter was on his first ever trip to Africa and, like most first time African hunters, he really wanted a nice kudu. His kudu hunt took place in South Africa's Limpopo Province right on the border with Botswana.

The weather was brutally hot and dry, but there were plenty of kudu in the area and he was excited to try his luck pursuing the animal known as the "Grey Ghost."

Watch the video to see how his kudu hunt went.

You know it's a really big animal when the PH (professional hunter) and tracker get really excited like that. That particular kudu was a very old bull that measured 56", which is a true monster among kudu. Congratulations to this hunter on a successful hunt!

Ready to go on a kudu hunting safari?

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There's Nothing Quite Like a Kudu Hunt in South Africa