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There’s Nothing Like Bonefishing in the Bahamas

bonefishing in the bahamas

Darcie Arahill is about to take you bonefishing in the Bahamas.

In this video, Darcie takes to tropical waters for epic bonefishing in the Bahamas.

Watch as she demonstrates the proper methods for catching these fish in this particular locale.

Although she didn’t catch anything, Darcie learned a lot about bonefishing in the Bahamas and will no doubt have better luck next time.

From Capt. Keith, she learned how to spot, hook, and land bonefish. It must be hard competing with the sharks for a meal.

Did you see how shallow the water was in this bonefishing in the Bahamas video? It looks like this the perfect environment to catch these fish, but even if you don’t, at least the water is warm enough to take a swim.


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There’s Nothing Like Bonefishing in the Bahamas