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There’s an Elephant in the Bathroom! [VIDEO]


These thirsty elephants just want to get a nice refreshing drink!

These elephants didn’t like the salty water in the local drinking hole, so they found a new water source!

These photos and video were taken at the very appropriately named Elephant Sands Lodge in Botswana. Although I doubt any of the lodge’s guests expect to actually see an elephant on their way to the toilet! I’ve heard of dogs drinking out of toilets, but this is ridiculous!

I am curious as to how these huge mammals figured out there was a source of fresh water behind the walls. I guess that’s a mystery we won’t know the answer to.

For now, I suppose guests at the Elephant Sands will just have to contend with the “Elephant in the (bath)room!”

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There’s an Elephant in the Bathroom! [VIDEO]