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There’s an App for Everything—Yes, That Includes Hunting


Most hunters probably wouldn’t consider using an app in the woods.

Digital devices, with their distractions, not to mention the bloops and bleeps, would be detrimental to a hunt. Or would they?

There are apps for smartphones that can positively affect your hunt.

The video looks at three apps: Hunt Predictor, Quiver and iHunt.

Hunt Predictor and iHunt can both run on iOS and Android devices. Quiver is only available on iOS right now.

Hunt Predictor does just what the name implies. It uses an advanced formula to make forecasts for deer, turkey and waterfowl.

Quiver is said to be more of a hunting journal. Hunters log animal movements to track when and where they’re moving.

And with the iHunt app, those pesky cell phone sounds can be muted while the phone used to project animal calls.

That’s right: a cell phone can be used to call in the animals that are in season.

Many hunters probably head into the woods to get away from technology, and that’s a great idea. However, others need all the help they can get. A hunting app just might do the trick.


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There’s an App for Everything—Yes, That Includes Hunting