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There's a Gun on Mars! And It Looks Like a Glock!

Somebody spotted this gun-shaped rock in a photograph of Mars, and now people are convinced it's a Glock.

Look really closely at the picture shared by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) below. Some are saying that the Mars rover-shot photograph shows a Glock lying in the red dust of the planet's surface.

It was (like these things often are) first spotted by, and the photo spread through the Internet from there.


Can't quite tell? Take a closer look.


For comparison, here's an actual Glock.


Conspiracy theorists can say what they will, but we know a Glock when we see one, and whatever's in that Mars photo is no Glock. There's no way a handgun could have made it there, and there's no way this photo captured a gun.

And if Martians were going to have guns, they'd have something that blasts lasers of stored energy or something. Not some Earth-made Glock.


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There's a Gun on Mars! And It Looks Like a Glock!