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There Are ‘No Boundaries’ with LifeStraw [VIDEO]

Take it anywhere, the LifeStraw and the LifeStraw Go are the ultimate water filtration devices for the sportsman.

You’re the type of outdoorsman who can’t be contained. The boundaries that keep you inside your day-to-day prevent you from making more adventures.

But when you’re in the open, enjoying your pursuits, clean, safe drinking water is always a concern. How are you staying hydrated? Lugging around water by the gallons?

Check out the capabilities of the LifeStraw and LifeStraw Go, and you’ll change your plans.

The chemical-free, near-perfect filtration job is done without batteries or moving parts, making it the ideal low impact water source while you’re on the go, in the wild.

Find yourself a place and a time that doesn’t have the boundaries that hold you back. And find it with LifeStraw and LifeStraw Go.

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There Are ‘No Boundaries’ with LifeStraw [VIDEO]