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The YETI Ridicooler is the Most Convenient Cooler Ever Made [VIDEO]

Can you believe YETI fit "all this sh$t in a box?"

Have you been on your bass boat, at hunting camp or sitting by the campfire and thought about all the additions your YETI cooler needs?

Well, so have the guys at YETI. And now they have finally added all the conveniences you can possibly think of to make up the YETI Ridicooler.

Behold, the cooler of ridiculous awesomeness.

Ah yes, after a hard day of wild adventures a margarita will be fine. Have a hard time getting up to the stand before dawn? Luckily, the YETI Ridicooler has a toaster to provide you with fresh warm Poptarts on the go.

The YETI team has thought of every kind of outdoorsman who uses their coolers. The Ridicooler has a shotgun rack for quick and easy access when you call in ducks, a coyote, hog or deer with the built-in game calls. There is also a fishing leader spigot and a built-in measuring tape to ensure your state records on the spot.

It even has a solar panel, electricity outlet, golf club washer, security system, and the navigational tool Troy, who has a slightly Cajun accent and is hilarious. He knows how to wrangle gators and where his Paw's gas station is.

I think at this point you've figured out this is not a real cooler. The additions are potentially real requests from YETI customers though. It is implied that these may be real suggestions when the guy says they finally listened to us all.

I have to say, I really want one. I wonder how many phone calls YETI is getting to reserve the limited Ridicooler before the end of the summer.

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The YETI Ridicooler is the Most Convenient Cooler Ever Made [VIDEO]