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The World's Most Expensive Rifle: The Winchester That Sold for $1.265 Million

Winchester 1886

The rifle that help capture Geronimo yields the highest price paid for a rifle. 

The world's most expensive rifle was recently sold at the Rock Island Auction Company for a cool $1.265 million dollars. What makes this rifle so significant and special?

First, the Winchester 1886 in superb condition is highly desirable for collectors. Well this Winchester 1886 has the serial number 1. According to the Rock Island Auction Company, "it instantly sends tremors though collecting circles across the nation."

Second, the gun was a gift presented from one Medal of Honor Recipient to another who captured Apache leader, Geronimo.

Watch the Rock Island Auction Company describe this national treasure's rich history.

The gun was presented by Lieut. George E. Albee to Lieut. Colonel H.W. Lawton for his capture of Apache Chief Geronimo and is so rich in history that it went down as the most expensive rifle in history. The RIA, described the gun as an actual investment, because of the rarity and history of the firearm.

See all the documents and photos of this historic piece that yielded unprecedented funds for the rich history and condition of the gun that drove it to be the most expensive gun in history.


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The World's Most Expensive Rifle: The Winchester That Sold for $1.265 Million