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'The Walking Dead' Weapons and Ammo [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the wake of the season finale, here's an infographic on The Walking Dead weapons and ammo.

Who isn't a fan of The Walking Dead these days? The zombie-centric show has been entertaining (and freaking out) tons of viewers since its debut four seasons ago. created and shared this awesome infographic focusing on the various weapons and ammunition used by the characters in the show.

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Thanks to this great rundown, we can now confirm that Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon are indeed the kings of zombie destruction, with significantly more kills than any other member of the show's lineup.

In addition, there's an awesome breakdown of weapon choice pros and cons, plus an average cost per individual ammunition, in case you're doing the math to determine the biggest zombie bang for your buck.

Check out the infographic, and click on the image for a larger, zoomable version.


Hat tip to for giving us yet another reason to love the show, and connecting it to a relevant topic so we can share it with you.

What would be your weapon and ammo choice for a zombie apocalypse? 


Infographic via

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'The Walking Dead' Weapons and Ammo [INFOGRAPHIC]