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The Ultimate Spot and Stalk Bowhunting Decoy

bowhunting decoy

If you’re planning a spot and stalk bow hunt, then you’re going to need a bowhunting decoy that let’s you maneuver like a wolf amongst a herd of sheep.

Out in the prairie states, bowhunters seeking to arrow an antelope or mule deer don’t always end up filling their tags. With a terrain that doesn’t offer many places for archers to hide and wary animals picking up on movement hundreds of yards away, taking an animal with a bow at close range is not something that a lot of bowhunters can say they’ve successfully accomplished.

Feast your eyes on the newest bowhunting decoy to help you on your next spot and stalk hunt.

These ingenious bowhunting decoys from Ultimate Predator Gear are available in several different species and will no doubt help you get closer to sealing the deal when you come face to face with your next trophy.

Even though you might have one of the stealthiest decoys out in front of you, be sure to always keep the wind direction in mind when you’re out on a spot and stalk hunt. Keeping a bottle of wind checker in your coat pocket is never a bad idea and will only help determine your course when you’re looking to cut the distance between yourself and your target.

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Dead Down Wind

Good luck and move slow out there!



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The Ultimate Spot and Stalk Bowhunting Decoy