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The U.S. Army is Developing a Do-it-All Hand Grenade

do it all hand grenade

There is a new hand grenade on the horizon.

This do-it-all hand grenade can be set to concussion or fragmentation. Learn all about the new do-it-all hand grenade!

Here’s the video:

Facebook page We Are The Mighty has shared quite an interesting video about the newly developed hand grenade. It can be set to go off as a standard fragmentation grenade throwing out shrapnel, and it can also be set to go off as a concussion grenade.

What does this mean for the soldier using it? In a confined building, a concussion grenade would be safer for the user due to the lack of all penetrating shrapnel. Toss it in a room and let just the blast wave kill or disable the enemy. The conventional fragmentation setting will still allow that same hand grenade to spray shrapnel when and where it is needed.

This new hand grenade will allow the user to select what fits the best for their individual tactical situation.


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The U.S. Army is Developing a Do-it-All Hand Grenade