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The Top 5 Battle Rifles in History Are Put Through the Range Test

The top 5 battle rifles are a blast from the past in historical and game changing firearms.

Before the dominance of the AR-15 platform, these top five battle rifles ruled supreme on the battlefields of the world. They were designed to be full caliber, robust rifles to counter the dominance of the AK-47. Most of these weapons you see had their place in the bush wars and proxy battles of the cold war and have been making a bit of a comeback in today's conflicts.

TFB TV puts five of these iconic weapons through their paces in this short video.

It is interesting to draw a direct line from rifles like the famous Garand into the updated M14, and in most cases, each of these top five battle rifles is an update of previous weapons that were used in World War II.

Battle rifles are not only weapons of the past, but they have also been making a comeback on battlefields in Afghanistan and the Middle East. There have been updates to the M14 and FN rifle, typically with more modern optics, fielded by elite special operations units for desert and more open country use.

The desire for battle rifles has led to newer weapons like the SCAR series chambered in 7.62. Their 7.62mm ammunition gives the penetration and punch that warriors want in the mix to supplement their arsenal when coming up against the enemy.


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The Top 5 Battle Rifles in History Are Put Through the Range Test