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The Swiss Made Sphinx SDP is Ready for CCW Enthusiasts

The compact Sphinx SDP is a great new pistol that offers shooters customizable features and solid reliability.

The Sphinx SDP is made up of three components. Polymer pistol grip, aluminum frame, and steel upper slide. Chambered in 9mm this pistol competes with the Glock 19’s and CZ compact pistol frames.

Using the water test by dunking the pistol into the water MAC is testing for any water durability issues that have made other pistols fail. While pistols can fall into water or (even more realistically) the pistols owner can run into water while wearing their pistol, its important to realize that water exposure is very real to pistols. The water can penetrate the smaller grooves in the pistol and could cause a malfunction when allowing the firing pin to move forward and strike the primer.

The Sphinx has some serious serrations on the pistol. Front and rear serrations are available on the slide so that the shooter an reload from the front or the rear. The pistol is also textured so that the palm can get a hold of the surface space of the pistol. MAC does not like the sights on the pistol but the Novak sights that are installed can be optimized for different shooters. At the time of this testing MAC shows that there is no night time sights.

The Sphinx does come with additional palm inserts and can come in different color combinations. The Sphinx does come with a threaded barrel for those men and women that are looking to shoot suppressed. This can be a great add on but as always remember that NFA rules do apply and are not available in all states. The pistol also has an integrated 1913 picatinny rail for either a light or laser/light combination.

This pistol is great for people looking for a strong double action shooter, that is both modular and customizable. Sphinx is a company owned by Kriss Firearms and they are both releasing very innovative products for 2016.


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The Swiss Made Sphinx SDP is Ready for CCW Enthusiasts