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The Simplest Way to Make DIY Waterproof Matches [VIDEO]

This tutorial shows the quick and easy way to make DIY waterproof matches.

Our friends at Sierra Trading Post are full of expert advice and tips through their blog and YouTube channel, and we thought this how to video sharing a fast method for making waterproof matches would be pretty useful.

Check this out:

Keep in mind, like it was mentioned in the video, this is quick and easy, but maybe not all that inexpensive. 

There are arguably dozens of other options, and finding the one that’s best for you could take some work and experimentation.

While you’re dreaming of the next chance you’d get to use these waterproof matches, head over to Sierra Trading Post and check out their vast selection of camping and hiking gear.

And when your shopping cart is full, be sure to use the promo code AVWIDEOPEN5 for an extra 25% off your purchase. The offer is good through August 8, 2015.

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The Simplest Way to Make DIY Waterproof Matches [VIDEO]