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The Sauna Tent is a Must for the Total Camping Experience

sauna tent

This sauna tent is a must-have (or, at least, a must-see).

What if you could reward yourself after a day of fishing with a hot lakeside sauna you can pitch just like a tent? Behold the Sauna Tent, probably the most relaxing camping experience ever conceived.

Essentially, it’s a tent designed to accommodate a lightweight, easy-to-transport wood furnace.

This furnace itself is nothing special: it works just like a chimney. The real brilliance comes from the design of the tent: made of a strong, non-flammable material that safely traps the heat inside, it closes with a door that won’t flap around but is designed to open instantly from the inside if you need fresh air right away.

Learn about the Sauna Tent here:

This thing is truly amazing. Talk about innovation!

As this passionate inventor explains, if you happen to encounter someone you’d like to enjoy a sauna with while you’re out camping… now, you can be ready. All jokes aside, however, even for a solo traveler, jumping into a lake after being in a hot sauna just a few yards away sounds exactly like a sneak preview of heaven.

Just take a look at the follow-up video below for a live demonstration.

Do you have a spouse who keeps pestering you about going to resort? Now, you can enjoy resort-style luxury, spend time with your significant other, and sacrifice zero fishing time!

You will also, without a doubt, become the undisputed “life of the party,” whether on your campground or in your backyard, from the moment you set up your Sauna Tent. The possibilities are endless.

And it’s worth noting that they have winter-specific tents, fully heated and ready for the snowy season.


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The Sauna Tent is a Must for the Total Camping Experience