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The Ruger Charger: The Backpack Version of the 10-22

The Ruger Charger pistol is a lightweight plinker that looks like total fun!

This Charger pistol was once discontinued, but has now been brought back. Seems like Ruger is getting lots of demand to bring this platform into the mainstream lineup. The Charger has a scope rail to put a red dot sight on top of the receiver.

The front of the pistol also has the ability to add either a fore grip or a bipod accessory. The pistol does not feature any iron sights immediately out of the box so you will definitely need to pair an optic with the pistol.

The pistol does have a learning curve to shoot. The bipod interferes with the forward hand position and can be awkward to hold. Clearly this pistol is meant to be shot with the bipod as it is already included in a box. I definitely see use for this pistol to knock our varmints at close quarters. The pistol will likely deploy similar speeds and muzzle velocity for the 22LR. If you are familiar with the 10-22 you might be interested in the shorter stock and much shorter barrel. This pistol can be deployed quickly from a log, rock, or other natural barrier that you could rest the weapon on.

The barrel does come threaded so you can add a silencer on the front end and keep your shots quiet. This would be very advantageous if you’re getting close to the critters that your looking to take out and don’t want to spook surrounding targets. Lightweight and super portable this is a great backpack gun to take out and look for the smaller critters.



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The Ruger Charger: The Backpack Version of the 10-22