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The RONI: Glock Carbine That Pushes the Limits

Glock enthusiasts have been wondering if Glock will ever put out a Carbine. RONI answered and delivered.

The RONI is a very small carbine that allows Glock 17 owners the opportunity to add their firearm as the final piece for an ultra small carbine package.

The carbine is 80 percent complete but is missing the firing components necessary to finish the rifle. The RONI comes with a 16-inch barrel that replaces the stock 4-inch barrel in the G17. The barrel easily installs in the traditional takedown method and requires no extra tools to complete.

Featuring an adjustable rear stock and forward adjustable grip, the RONI allows you to push that 9mm cartridge a little further with more stability. 9mm does get enough power to get down range and depending on what kind of bullets your sending down the barrel you might get some improved penetration.

Since Glock itself has yet to venture into the rifle market, I think this is as close as we are going to get to something this close to a "Glock Carbine." There are of course picatinny rails for upgrading optics and even QD points to quickly attach your slings. The G17 also accepts the popular 30-round magazine and will allow you to launch 9mm bullets down range with minimal recoil felt.

For those looking for an SBR option that does not require NFA paperwork, and the lengthy wait, this can definitely be an option. Ill wait and cross my fingers that they offer this platform for the G20/G21 frame so I can launch 10mm bullets at my targets. Stay safe and keep training.


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The RONI: Glock Carbine That Pushes the Limits