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The Rise of the Female Hunter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Female hunter participation is booming, and there’s going to be some further changes.

Muck Boot Company is helping set the record straight: yes, female are joining the hunting ranks at a higher rate than men. Yes, it’s been this way for almost 20 years. And yes, the female hunting demographic is already impacting the industry as a whole.

If you still had any doubt, take a look at what Muck Boots put together to help visually explain the new normal. Full of tidbits and helpful info, this inforgraphic should be viewed as empowering to any and all hunters.


Even if it isn’t breaking news, and some experienced hunters would tell you they’ve heard it before, ladies are in the field, and they aren’t going anywhere. A growing interest and participation rate will only continue to influence outdoor products catered towards females, and advancement of equal opportunity in the profession.

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The Rise of the Female Hunter [INFOGRAPHIC]