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Picking the Right Choke for Your Turkey Gun

Turkey choke

Have you ever wondered if you have the right choke for turkey hunting? Now you'll know for certain.

Picking the right choke tube for your turkey gun is not always an easy task, especially if you don't know what you're looking for, or if you have never shot your gun with a different choke before.

Additionally, there are several chokes out there that serve the same purpose and finding the right one for you depends on your brand preference and price point.

Turkey choke

So an easy way to get started is to grab your favorite turkey gun and head out to the range to test out what you like.

First, set up targets at different lengths. If you want, set them up at 15, 30 and 45 yards so you can get a good reading on the pattern of each choke at different ranges.

A few basic choke options include an improved modified choke, an extra full choke or even the standard, factory full choke. With these three different options, you're bound to have a choke that works well for you.

Extra Full Choke

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First, the extra full choke will give you a noticeable difference at different ranges. A close 10- to 15-yard shot that most hunters take are at this length, however, one thing to note is that this will complete destroy the turkey's head at this distance. If you're off a little to the left or right you might completely miss.

The right choke for you would probably be one that has an accurate mid-range shot of about 20-25 yards which will send enough shot through the turkey to kill it without making it unrecognizable.

Then, of course, your 35- to 40-yard shot would still work depending on the accuracy of the shot. The best and right choke option is certainly somewhere in the middle.

Factory Full Choke

right choke

Once again, at such a short distance, you will not have a recognizable turkey if you want a picture or a mount, but it will be dead. Because of the many combinations of ammo and chokes the spreads may vary, but the factory choke may even be a little tighter for a mid-range shot that would be perfect for a one-shot kill.

The good thing about a tighter mid-range shot with the factory choke means that if you want to shoot a little farther out, say 35-40 yards, your pattern will be more successful at killing a bird.

Improved Modified Choke

right choke

So we don't need to state the obvious: with a short range shot because the outcome is very similar to the aforementioned chokes, however as you begin to shoot down range the spread get more wider compared to the other chokes.

Your 20- to 25-yard shot will still be deadly, but nine times out of ten will probably not put as many pellets in the head of the turkey as the full choke and extra full choke.

When you look at your 35- to 40-yard shot, there will still be some lethal pellets, but you're better off probably not shooting that far.


With these different combinations, your best bet will probably be the factory full choke because you have the best lethal spreads at all ranges.

Obviously, there are several combinations out there that work differently for different people. To analyze all of those completely would take a novel. These are just a few examples for the amateur hunter getting into turkey hunting or someone who is looking to try out a new choke.


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Picking the Right Choke for Your Turkey Gun