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The Real, Tragic Story of Pedals the Bipedal New Jersey Bear

Pedals, the bipedal bear, has become an internet sensation. However, the real story behind this famous bears' condition may shock you.

Since videos started showing up of Pedals, the bipedal New Jersey bear, wondering around neighborhoods like a human on his two hind legs, the internet and social media have exploded with non-stop support. Pedals now has over 15,000 followers on his Facebook fan page alone.

Unfortunately experts say that his condition is most likely the result of being struck by a car while crossing the road. After Pedals was spotted last Dec. 21st authorities were unsure whether or not he was going to make it through the winter. Thankfully, despite the concerns by the N.J. Division of Wildlife, he was spotted and filmed last month in the Old Woodland trail near the golf course in Oak Ridge, N.J. Pedals is missing part of his front, right leg and seems to have an injured left, front paw.

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has set up a special page on their website that is dedicated to Pedals' cause while other good samaritans are doing what they can to help out as well. Lisa Rose Rublack, of Bloomingdale, has received nearly 310,000 signatures to help save the bear and have him relocated to the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York.

The Orphaned Wildlife center has began construction on a specially designed habitat for Pedals if the authorities would allow him to be captured.

"He's like a little phenom," she said. "He's causing so much commotion. But what people don't realize is that the bear needs help. He's not healthy. He can't defend himself. What's going to happen when he wanders into the wrong place."

"It's not that hard," she said. "We just need the authority."

Despite the efforts from Lisa Rublack and the Orphaned Wildlife Center, The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife continue headstrong with their position that Pedals is best left in his natural environment rather than being transferred to the facility.


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The Real, Tragic Story of Pedals the Bipedal New Jersey Bear