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Photographer Captures Incredible Images of Rare, Elusive Spirit Bear [VIDEO]

See the seldom seen spirit bear in its natural environment in the video below.

The spirit bear is the stuff of myths and legends. There are only 1,000 of them left in the wild and they all live in a remote stretch of coastal rainforest in British Columbia. Wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini has visited the region a number of times, capturing some amazing images of the elusive spirit bear in its natural environment. In this video from Nikon Europe, Gilardini shares some of her best shots of the spirit bear and talks about the temperament of this fascinating animal.

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Spirit bears are a sub species of black bear. They aren’t albino; their white coat stems from a genetic mutation. The white coat actually works to their advantage. Spirit bears have an easier time fishing than regular black bears do because their lighter coat makes them less noticeable to fish.

YouTube/Daisy Gilardini
YouTube/Daisy Gilardini

Spirit bear habitat is currently at risk from development. In the video, Girabaldi mentions a pipeline project that will be built in sections of the bear’s habitat.

Gilardini is an advocate for leaving the bears undisturbed, even when she’s taking their pictures. She takes great caution to not cause the bears any distress when she’s filming them, and she is opposed to using bait to lure them in for the perfect shot.

Not making bears angry when you’re filming them? Sounds like a pretty good idea to me, too.

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Featured image via YouTube/Daisy Gilardini

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Photographer Captures Incredible Images of Rare, Elusive Spirit Bear [VIDEO]