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Product Review: Pocket Shot, the World's Only Circular Slingshot

the pocket shot
Pocket Shot

Not really a slingshot and not really a toy, the Pocket Shot is a versatile tool that's fun to shoot and can be used for hunting as well. 

The Pocket Shot is also the world's only circular slingshot. Everything from ball bearings to arrows and crossbow bolts can be shot through this uniquely designed little tool. There are a few things to consider before purchasing, but overall, it's well worth it. Here's the rundown.

The Pocket Shot delivers various sizes of steel balls at up to 350 feet per second (fps) and can deliver a wallop with properly sized arrows. For the purpose of this review, I used 5/16" Trumark Steel Ammo, which cost just under $5 for a package of 72.

Image courtesy of Daniel Leathers

I also tried numerous arrows and lengths and found that the best arrow was a Victory VTAC Sport 500. I used a 2" Blazer fletchings. However, The Pocket Shot company will be rolling out their own arrows mid-November, according to a company spokesman.

The Pocket Shot comes standard with the ability to shoot strictly ball bearings, unless you purchase the arrow kit. Purchasing the basic Pocket Shot kit and then additional arrow pouches seems like the best value in terms of utility and enjoyment.

The basic kit comes with two pouches, both of which are for use with steel ball ammo. The black one is your basic pouch and can hurl ammo around 300 fps while the blue one can get up to 350 fps. Either way, it'll hurt if you get hit and can be used for hunting.

The arrow kit is where it gets really interesting. You can purchase the nock covers to go on the ends of the arrows you use.

Daniel Leathers

These covers are highly suggested by the company, and I will say you need to be sure to use them. They won't last forever, as they tend to rub and wear thin themselves as seen below. However, during this testing period, I was able to continue using the same cover for well over 150 shots.

Daniel Leathers

The decision not to use the covers is a foolish one. The arrow pouches are sturdy and will last a few hundred shots. Failure to use the cover will result (fairly quickly) in a hole being punched in the tip of the pouch. Learn from my mistake.

Daniel Leathers

I had a blast using and testing The Pocket Shot, and it works as well as, if not better than it advertises. It's definitely a great addition to your bug-out bag, survival kit or toy box. Also, coming in at $25, it's a great stocking-stuffer for Christmas.

One of the big drawbacks--possibly the only one--is the instruction sheet. It is short and confusing. However, there are great tutorials on The Pocket Shot website. These tutorials walk you through assembly, aiming and general operations of The Pocket Shot.

Daniel Leathers

If you decide to pick up The Pocket Shot, just skip the instruction sheet and go straight to their website. The other option is to just ask your local dealer if they have one you can shoot, and they can show you how to do everything. (Plus, you get to experience the fun before you take it home).

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Product Review: Pocket Shot, the World's Only Circular Slingshot