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This is How You Get the Perfect Photo of a ‘Monster’ Crab

Photographer Thomas P. Peschak caught a monster in the Seychelles.

The monster in question? The incredible coconut crab. In this video, he describes how he got the perfect photo of this monster.

The coconut crab is already the largest land-living crustacean. The arthropod can reach up to nine pounds and more that three feet from leg to leg.

Cast a shadow of the massive crab on a wall, like Peschak did, and you have a scene from a classic monster movie.

Besides being a frightening sight on the ground, the creature can climb trees. In the warmer climates where it lives, the creature will climb coconut trees, grab one, take it to the ground and peel it to eat the meat inside.

Fortunately, they feed mostly on fruit and don't attack humans.


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This is How You Get the Perfect Photo of a ‘Monster’ Crab