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The Perfect DIY Box Blind Project

Learn how to make a great box blind for next hunting season . 

Box blinds are great for a lot of reasons, and making one for yourself has never been easier.

Take a look at the step by step process of constructing a box blind that will stand the test of time and make hunting more comfortable. Because the more comfortable you are in the stand, the longer you'll hunt.

Step 1

Box blind 1

The floor for the box blind is 2' x 8' and 3/4" plywood. The walls are framed with 2 x 4' with 3/4" plywood. The framing of the blind will allow for durability and longevity.

Step 2

How to Make A Box Blind

Next, the builder covered the walls and stained one. Mis-tinted dark brown deck stain did the trick for $10.

Step 3

Hunting Blind

Next, stencils were used to help blend the box blinds. The picture shows the door and one window. The other three sides offer larger windows measuring in at 36" wide by 18' and 44" off the base of the floor.

Step 4

make a hunting blind

The builders installed the legs to the floor and got it to stand. They later added cross braces and stabilizing cables. After creating a strong base, they began putting the walls back on,  and assembling the roof.

Step 5

box blind 5

A look of the blind assembled with a newly installed rubber roof. The blind is 7' tall in the front with a 4" slope coming off the back.

Step 6

make a box blind

The builders constructed the ladder on the spot with 2 x 4' and added a hand rail near the top.

Back Door View

box blind 6

View from the door with a porch for getting into the blind quietly and easily.

Window View

Window view

The large windows have covers that are operated with paracord for easily raising and lowering the blinds.

This box blind would be perfect for a weekend project. Feel free to switch up the design of the box blind and simply use this as a reference so you can construct the perfect box blind for your needs.

All images via Imgur


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The Perfect DIY Box Blind Project