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The Orange Solar Tent Could Be a Camping Gamechanger

Orange Solar Tent
Image via Screenshot

This Orange Solar Tent could be just the thing needed to help get the next generation interested in the outdoors.

Let's face it, the majority of the next generation is hooked on technology. Trying to get them interested in a hobby and lifestyle that takes them away from that technology is going to be a difficult task, but thanks to the Orange Solar Tent that goal may not be as far off as before.

The tent was originally designed for music festivals but it could easily be used for camping and getting people into the outdoors and interested in wilderness.

According to their website, this tent is not currently listed for sale and there is no word on whether there are plans to bring it into production and offer it for sale anytime soon.

While many people will say it's unnecessary and shun it, the Orange Solar Tent may be just the ticket to help get some of those youngsters who think they may have an allergic reaction to leaving their electronics behind into the outdoors.

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The Orange Solar Tent Could Be a Camping Gamechanger