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When You Drag a Wahoo Through the Water with Your Lure, This Happens

Drag a lure through the water with a rope and hook a wahoo for shark bait, or were these guys actually trying to fish?

Ever since we found a way to put our camera in the water we’ve been trying to film our catch. Most of the time it’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever experienced, but there are times when it just seems like a big waste.

This strange video shows a lure swimming normally behind a boat, but it looks like it’s attached to a rope, and when a nice wahoo gets hooked up it’s just being dragged helplessly behind the craft only to end up as shark bait.

We’re these guys fishing or just trying to see a shark eat?

As soon as that fish is hooked you can see that it’s just being dragged; it never goes out of sight of the camera, and pretty much just spins on the “line”. Maybe that’s some kind of wire line or leader, and even if it is fishing line it’s just out there to act like a tow rope.

Even though it’s some good footage of a shark feeding underwater and eating a wahoo right up to the head, it just missed getting several treble hooks in its gullet, and if you look closely at the last shark to show, it looks like that one already had a lure stuck in its mouth.

What do you think- were those guy’s wahoo fishing and got thieved by a shark or is something else going on?



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When You Drag a Wahoo Through the Water with Your Lure, This Happens