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The Only Season-Long Hunting Aid You’ll Need: Whitetail Universe

Sportsman’s Guide has set up hunters with the perfect deer resource: Whitetail Universe.

You know it, I know it, and every whitetail hunter in the country knows it: the season is right around the corner, and we simply cannot wait.

But wait we will, because there’s time on the calendar and work to be done if we’re ever going to see the kind of success we dream about as the days get shorter and fall arrives.

While you’re counting the days, what better way is there to occupy some time than the new Whitetail Universe, provided by the folks at Sportsman’s Guide. If it has to do with whitetail hunting, you’ll find it here.

The Whitetail Universe is divided up into four separate categories, each focusing on a specific aspect of the whitetail season. Each category has a giveaway, special deals, and an all-encompassing collection of everything you need as the season progresses.

Just because we are still in the preseason weeks, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to gear up with that will go a long way in building up to Opening Day. The Planning & Prep Phase is officially upon us, and smart hunters know there’s plenty to get done.

What’s more, Whitetail Universe will be the go-to resource as the season progresses, through the archery dates, into the rut, and right on through to the late season. Sportsman’s Guide has set everything up perfectly to help you all the way to the end, and hopefully provide some motivation and gear that can get you closer to success when it’s all said and done.

Check in with Whitetail Universe now and the weeks ahead, because there’s clearly a need to fulfill your deer desires until the season starts. This is not a bad way to do it.


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The Only Season-Long Hunting Aid You’ll Need: Whitetail Universe