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The Only Guide for Grilling Venison Backstrap You Need

It's not hard to grill venison backstrap, but grilling it to perfection takes a little skill. This is the only recipe you need. 

There's nothing like knowing you're going to come home to a perfectly defrosted venison backstrap just waiting to be laid on the grill. But don't ruin your hard work before you can taste your success - this venison grilling guide will help you cook it right, every time. I use it, and it's definitely not considered cheating.

Don't cut your backstrap into medallions before you grill it; place that whole chunk on the grill! By placing it directly over the heat source, still intact, you're maintaining the right amount of moisture throughout the backstrap.

For a venison backstrap to feed about two to four people, start with one that's a little more than one pound and around 10 inches long. Rub your backstrap down with a basic seasoning rub if you're keeping it simple. This involves a lot of salt, pepper, and garlic powder - pile it on so you get a really flavorful crust on the outside.

And here's something you might not hear often, but it makes sense: pop that backstrap on a medium heat grill with the grill cover open. Roasting venison in a closed grill for too long can dry it out, and no one wants that.

An open grill gives you the opportunity to baste your backstrap with your desired sauce as you cook it. Some people prefer a simple olive oil baste, while others go for barbecue sauces. The choice is yours.

Using the finger test, you can judge how done the meat is. If you hold your index finger to the tip of your thumb and press right below your thumb, that is how medium rare meat feels. So don't be afraid to poke away, but resist cutting into or stabbing the meat.

Take your backstrap off the grill and tent it with foil for about 10 minutes. If you cut into it too soon, you'll lose so much flavor and all of those great grilling juices. Wait as long as you can!

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The Only Guide for Grilling Venison Backstrap You Need