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The Nosler Liberty M48 Rifle Delivers Freedom Far and Wide

M48 Nosler

Reach out and take your trophy with out-of-the-box accuracy from Nosler.

There is no question in my mind that long distance shooting is more math oriented than any other shooting I've ever seen. The M48 rifle that Nosler is releasing in several different calibers is pretty awesome and even better is the price.

Priced to fit most everyday shooters' budgets, you too can take prized animals with razor sharp accuracy.

The M48 has a very lightweight stock and it even comes Cerakoted out of the box. I personally have had to pay for this feature on some of the weapons I own and can tell this is a large savings all together. The rifle is bolt action and features a two stage rocker safety.

The rifle is guaranteed at Sub Moa with the Nosler proprietary rifle ammunition. Slap the custom Leopold optic on the rifle and the M48 is out performing custom rifles priced at three to four times the price.

Made in America, and in small batches, these rifles are not mass produced like a 10-22. The details are very well controlled to make sure you get the best as soon as you get your hands on it. Don't waste money elsewhere that could be spent on getting ammo for the Nosler. You'll be glad you did.


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The Nosler Liberty M48 Rifle Delivers Freedom Far and Wide