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The New Trailer for Planet Earth II Will Leave You Speechless

10 years after the original Plant Earth film, the sequel takes you closer than ever before.

The original Planet Earth series captivated audiences around the globe. The original 11 episodes aired in 2006, and we've been waiting for more ever since.

Planet Earth was a first-of-kind documentary. Like never before, we were pulled in and awestruck by the magnificence and beauty of nature. Few films or documentaries have ever been able to make learning as enjoyable as this original series. But that type of production doesn't come easily. Episodes in the series were so time consuming to film and put together that producers were forced to stop after the original 11 were completed. That was ten years ago. Fortunately, we've now received confirmation that a follow-up series is definitely in the works.

Planet Earth II will be brought to us by the same crew as the original series. The new version promises to bring us closer to the wilderness than ever before. The new trailer for Planet Earth II is absolutely stunning. Watch the video here.

Predators and prey are seen like never before. The production masterfully captures nature's every detail. Narrated once again by Naturalist David Attenborough, the new series promises all of the same wonder as the original and then some. Even the trailer is difficult to watch without gaining a new appreciation for nature. We can only hope the new series is just as breathtaking.

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The New Trailer for Planet Earth II Will Leave You Speechless