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The Navy SEALs' 40 Percent Rule Could Make You a Better Hunter

Everyone knows that Navy SEALs are tough. Learn their 40 percent rule and you'll know why.

When our military leaders want to get a job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, they often call on the Navy SEALs. By using the 40 percent rule, the SEALs are usually able to accomplish their goals with a level of proficiency that is hard for most people to imagine.

Watch the video to learn what the 40 percent rule is, then read on to learn how it can help you become a better hunter.

"When your mind is telling you you're done, you're really only 40 percent done." Sounds crazy, right? It's not.

Whether you're doing pull-ups, step ups or a long distance run, your body has a lot more stamina than your mind would have you believe.

This also applies to your ability to be an effective hunter. When an elk bugles from across the canyon and you think you can't reach it, you probably can. When you've been sitting in a treestand freezing your but off for three hours and are ready to call it quits, sit for three more hours. You'll be alright and the extra effort and will power may be the key to a successful hunt.

There's no doubt that physical training and practice with your weapon will help you take more animals. The same can be said of using your head when making decisions about where and when to hunt. But by blocking out negative thinking and applying the 40 percent rule on every hunting trip, you may be able to double your success rates this season.

Fall hunting seasons are coming. Will you be ready when they get here?


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The Navy SEALs' 40 Percent Rule Could Make You a Better Hunter