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The National Park Service Celebrates Its 100th Birthday

National Park Service
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The United States National Park Service celebrated its 1ooth birthday and created this beautifully simple video to help do so. 

It’s not every day that we get to have a 100th birthday celebration, and we we do see one, it’s usually a very big showy affair.

That wasn’t the case this week as the National Park Service celebrated the 100th birthday and did so with a stunningly simple little video.

It’s actually quite fitting that the National Park Service celebrates in this fashion.

Ever since 1916 when the agency was founded by President Woodrow Wilson, they have often been unsung heroes of conservation. Spending every single day for 100 years helping to protect and conserve our national parks and resources.

Next time you head out into your nearest national park, don’t forget to thank the park rangers for what they do, any maybe tell them happy birthday.

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The National Park Service Celebrates Its 100th Birthday