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Tim Wells is the Dove Bowhunter We Should All Aspire to Be

If you have never seen doves shot mid-flight by an arrow, you have got to see this! Tim Wells makes it look easy.

Hitting a dove with a gun is a challenge in itself. Now imagine hitting those little feathered fellows with a bow and arrow?

Sounds like a daunting task, but Tim Wells makes it look easy. If you think you could do this pretty effectively, head out yourself and try, but we can almost promise that you may leave very disappointed.

Personally, dove tastes way too good for me to be wasting time trying to hit them with a bow. If I am being honest, I am just saying that because I know I would go hungry if I didn’t use a shotgun.

One after another, Tim knocks doves out of the sky like you have never seen before.

Tim is in Argentina, so of course he has plenty of doves to shoot. Also, who knows how many times he missed in between kills. The footage doesn’t show, but we don’t care because it is still impressive.

No sights, all instincts, Wells turns his bow down to about a 35-pound draw weight and collects dinner.

He said it himself, “It don’t get no better than this!”


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Tim Wells is the Dove Bowhunter We Should All Aspire to Be