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The Most Extensive Plants and Wildlife Guide Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s the plants and wildlife guide you’ve been looking for.

Ever wanted to know what those animal tracks in the hiking trail are, or if you could eat those little green berries you keep finding in the woods?

We all love spending time in the wide open spaces this world has to offer, but knowing and understanding the natural world around you enhances the experience, and allows for a more thorough level of enjoyment, not to mention an advanced safety awareness that’s essential in the wild.

Cheers to for sharing what might be the easiest and most extensive way to inform you in that knowledge quest, the Flora and Fauna Hiking Guide.

Check out their infographic below, save a copy of the image, and keep it on your smartphone for when you’re out on your next adventure.


Not much is left out of that guide, with edible forage, animal tracks and a slough of dangerous plants to watch out for.

Now that you’re in the know, get outside and go on a hike or a camping trip. Just remember this infographic, and you’ll be good to go.

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The Most Extensive Plants and Wildlife Guide Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]