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The Mighty 30-30 Cartridge is Now Holster Ready

30-30 enthusiasts can now start thinking about a holster option.

The Magnum Research BFR is a revolver chambered for the 30-30 cartridge. Well respected for its deer hunting capabilities, the 30-30 is a favorite for many hunters.

Considering that most shooters use a lever action rifle to deploy the cartridge, thinking about using a revolver for the same cartridge in a much closer capacity might be a good idea.

Many cowboys paired carbines that fired the same cartridges as their revolvers back in the western days so it’s not to crazy to believe that you can now holster a revolver that shoots a big bullet.

Wearing one cartridge belt, and having the same pistol and rifle cartridge combination can help keep hunting trips from getting complicated.

Ultimately, you definitely want to keep a cartridge that you can confidently sustain on an extended trip. The 30-30 may not be the best cartridge for extended training but if you have the budget to keep shooting 30-30 out of a handgun then by all means skin that 30-30 smoke wagon until the cows come home. Stay safe and keep training.



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The Mighty 30-30 Cartridge is Now Holster Ready