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The Marlin 1894 is a Competition Shooter’s Dream Come True

The Marlin 1894 is a vintage design that offers some hard-hitting capabilities.

The Marlin 1894 offers some shooters the availability to shoot some higher pressure 45 long colt due to its design. The octagonal barrel offers stiffer barrel rigidity that can handle the immense pressure of the 45LC cartridge.

Hickok even says that with some careful consideration in cartridge choice the rifle can be a poor mans 45-70 rifle.

This rifle can be beneficial for those recreational shooters that are looking to get into cowboy competition shooting. I’ve recently been looking to dive into the competitive scene myself and have since looked at many different rifles that can be utilized at fast paces while withstanding many different cartridge choices. If you’re going to be limited to one cartridge size, then you should be able to use as many different bullets and powder configurations in that cartridge size.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Marlin 1894, you should definitely check out this rifle. The contemporary versions are great rifles and can definitely push your shooting skills to the limits. The 1894 definitely seems to be able to give you the competitive edge. Keep training and stay motivated.


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The Marlin 1894 is a Competition Shooter’s Dream Come True