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The Making of the L.L. Bean Bootmobile

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, the folks at L.L. Bean decided to do something a little offbeat by building a bootmobile that looked like the classic Maine Hunting Shoe!

L.L. Bean’s Maine Hunting Shoe was its flagship product over 100 years ago and continues to be one of the company’s best sellers. But could they make a bootmobile that looked like their signature footwear? You bet they could.

Watch the video to see just how far these guys went to create the perfect bootmobile.

Since their inception, L.L. Bean’s mission has been to help folks who live, work, and play outdoors do what they love to do better and in comfort. With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, you know that anything you purchase from them will do its job and meet your expectations or you’ll get your money back.

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The Making of the L.L. Bean Bootmobile