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The M-550 Paracord Grenade Holds an Explosion of Survival Gear


Pulling the pin on the M-550 paracord grenade will give you a leg up in a survival situation. 

Let's say you've gone on a day-long excursion into the bush. You stop to think your situation through after losing you way back to your truck. The little supplies you brought with you are low and you know you are going to have to spend at least one night in the woods. You reach into your pack, and pull out a... grenade?

Yep that's right, but this isn't your ordinary grenade. This is the M-550 Paracord Survival Grenade, and with the quick pull of a pin you have numerous items at your disposal to help you build a shelter, create a fire, gather food, and more.

The M-550 Paracord Survival Grenade line is made by Surf City Paracord. They took the simple idea of paracord and weaved it into this cool grenade before filling it with items to help you in any type of emergency survival situation.


The PRO version contents include:

  • 50 feet of paracord
  • LED light
  • Mini pocket knife
  • Dog tag signaling mirror
  • Ferro fire starting rod with striker
  • 30 feet of 12 pound test fishing line
  • 4 fish hooks
  • 4 split shot weights
  • 2 bobby pins
  • 1 handcuff key
  • P38 can opener
  • Compressed towel tablet
  • 6 waterproof matches
  • 2 stormproof matches
  • Jute twine
  • Needle and thread
  • razor blade
  • 8 feet of military grade trip wire for snares
  • Compass (Can be upgraded to a Suunto button compass for additional $10.)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wire saw with split rings
  • 4 water purification tablets
  • 2 safety pins
  • Emergency whistle
  • 4 feet of electrical tape

Besides the M-550 PRO the company also offers other options including the Mini, the M-550R Standard, and the M-550D Deluxe. While the Mini only offers a cool way to carry extra paracord around, the Standard and Deluxe offer varying degrees of survival gear inside.


The contents of each kit can be modified upon request for a more personal selection if wanted. The paracord the grenades are weaved from are also available in a wide variety of colors from completely solid to multi-color options to mix and match as you please.

The M-550 grenades are available on Surf City's website ranging from $14.99 to $69.99 depending on which setup you pick.

This would be something neat to keep clipped to or stuffed down in your bag just in case you find yourself in a survival situation. Plus if the need ever did arise it would be pretty cool to tell everyone you had to use a grenade to save your life.

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The M-550 Paracord Grenade Holds an Explosion of Survival Gear