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The Liberator is One Strange ‘Disposable’ Pistol

The Liberator pistol is strange in more ways than one… but let’s see how it performs at range.

The folks at In Range TV decided to take the Liberator pistol out for a day at the range. It is clear this thing was designed for emergency, close-combat situations only!

Check out its performance in the video below.

The gun was designed to be cheap and disposable, and it certainly performs that way. At only seven yards, the target seemed difficult to hit.

The gun was technically only supposed to come into play as a last-resort weapon. It is not comfortable or ergonomic, nor does it have any other normal qualities that you would expect from the design process of a mass-produced firearm.

Let’s just say this isn’t a weapon you will want to spend your money on anytime soon.

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The Liberator is One Strange ‘Disposable’ Pistol