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The Ins and Outs of Truck Camping

There's a lot to know about truck camping, but these basics should get you started.

It shouldn't really be a foreign concept; people have been doing it for generations. But truck camping has some distinct advantages that make it ideal for families, adventurists, and anyone who likes to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Here's the skinny on truck camping, something you'll definitely want to try out (if you're not doing it already).

It's way better than car camping


The phrase might be a little more popular, but car camping just doesn't hold a candle. The luxury of being able to toss things into the bed, especially into the bed of a Ram 1500, is a real pleasure. There's a lot more room in the bed, and bringing all the gear you need isn't nearly as big of a problem as it is when you're cramming things in a small trunk.

You're able to go farther

You can't take a minivan through epic mountain passes without taking a risk, but the handling and force of a truck makes a huge difference. Now you'll be able to find the best camping spot, because you and your Ram made it past that obstacle that stopped everyone else.

The overall torque and suspension of a Ram 1500 is nothing to sneeze at, and you'll find that out quickly when you venture off the beaten path.

It's not all rosy

Don't get us wrong--a truck camping experience can still qualify as "roughing it." We wouldn't try to pull a fast one, but a camping trip is whatever you make of it. Yeah, the cozy interior cab of a Ram 1500, with air conditioning and comfortable seats, is what most people would consider a luxury on any camping trip. But you can still preserve the sense of escape.

Plus, think of the advantages a truck's interior has over a traditional tent at a campsite. With a Ram and its available Uconnect® System, your truck can do double-duty as a mobile office or entertainment center. Why would you want this on a camping trip, you ask? Hey, it's great to know you have it if you need it. There's a 115 volt AC and 150 watt power supply, so you'll have phones and gadgets charged up for the entire trip.

If you're hiking, swimming, fishing, and doing other things away from your truck and tent for periods of time, you're doing it right. And if you really need that break from the heat, or a nice place to stretch out, you're definitely going to appreciate having a Ram 1500.

Feel the power


Driving to a campground and exploring the area is part of the fun! Wouldn't you rather do it in a high-powered vehicle? Nothing compares to feeling the torque and horsepower of a pickup carrying you through your adventures. The available diesel engine in a Ram 1500, with its Class-Exclusive Standard TorqueFlite® 8-Speed Transmission* will take you where you need to go.

You're going to want to do it again

Bottom line is, truck camping is as good a chance as any to enjoy the wild places we live near. Once you do it right, it's also addictive. Hopefully, you'll be one step closer now that you're filled in.

*Disclaimer: Based on latest available competitive information. Class based on Light Duty pickups.


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The Ins and Outs of Truck Camping