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The Ideal Texas Hunting Season

texas hunting season

It’s not too late for the ideal Texas hunting season.

Of all the states hunters dream of going to, it seems like Texas might have a good chunk of the attention. Bucks are big, wildlife is diverse, and there’s some of the best scenery and conditions available to American hunters.

All but one of these animals is native to Texas, and each provide great opportunities for the ideal Texas hunting season.


Oct. 1 – Regular Season Northern Zone

Wild Pig Javelina Hog

The javelina is part of the wild pig family and creates a fun hunt, especially for bow hunters. They’re quick and conniving, so a hunter needs to react fast to bring home the bacon.

Mule Deer

Oct. 1 – Archery

Ideal Texas hunting season

Mule deer are a great species to hunt in Texas. Most mule deer are in the western part of the state and would be worth the extra miles to get a shot at one.


Oct. 1 – Archery

Image via Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Though parts of Texas are drastically losing pronghorn other areas have large herds of them. The pronghorn is one of the fastest and toughest game animals to hunt with a bow.


Oct. 1 – Archery


It seems like turkeys are always in season in Texas but the fall archery season opens Oct. 1, and you might as well prepare for Thanksgiving early.


Oct. 1 – Archery, Nov. 5 General Season

warm weather hunting

Texas is home to some giant whitetails and can be overlooked oftentimes by states such as Kansas and Iowa, but there can be some giants here too.

Axis Deer

Texas hunting season

While there’s not a set season for axis deer per se, there are restrictions and you must have a valid license and permission to hunt these exotic animals.

Most are on ranches and a lot of the tags can only be given by ranchers and landowners, but if you get the opportunity to hunt one of these animals it would be totally worth it just because of how magnificent they look (not to mention how good they taste).

Be sure to check Texas Parks and Wildlife for entire list of hunting regulations.

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The Ideal Texas Hunting Season