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4 Hunting Lessons Our Fathers Taught Us That Still Apply Today

The lessons about hunting we’ve been taught by our fathers are important, and still apply today.

Hunting is something that most of us love to do. For the most part, people do it the right way. And our fathers have a lot to do with that. There are all types of tips and ways to hunt certain animals. But these hunting lessons lie at the core of us hunters, and will always be important, for as long as hunting is around.

1. Respect

father and son
Facebook/Heritage Outdoors LLC

Respect is one of the most important hunting lessons passed on from father to son/daughter. It is of the utmost importance that we respect the animals we hunt, and also other hunters. Being respectful goes a long ways in the hunting community.

2. Appreciate the outdoors


There would be no hunting without the great outdoors. Appreciating the outdoors will make hunting that much more enjoyable.

It’s a hunting lesson that I learned from my father, and I think about it every time I marvel at a sunset, or when I hear birds chirping early in the morning while sitting in a deer stand, and waiting for the sun to rise.

3. Hunting is about the people around you


Hunting is so much more than just the act of harvesting an animal. It’s about the people around you, and the camaraderie that comes with it. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends.

Every time I hunted as a kid with my father, we usually would be with my grandpa and uncle, or my dad’s friend. As I got older, I found that most of my friends hunted. There are many friendships out there that are a direct result of hunting.

4. You’re not better than anyone else


Animals come in all shapes and sizes. Some bucks have large antler, others have small ones. Some turkeys have long beards and spurs, while others don’t. You get the point. What is a successful hunt to someone else besides yourself could be different than what is a successful hunt to you. Don’t think that just because you shot a bigger buck, more geese, etc. that your better than someone else. This a hunting lesson that my father stressed to me ever since I shot my first animal. Some people might not have great hunting land like you, or maybe they don’t want to shoot a big buck, because they are ecstatic with shooting a doe.

Think about all the core values that you might have when it comes to hunting. Odds are, they were probably taught to you by your father. They are more important than ever, and should be passed on through time.

Image via Facebook/Weathermen Waterfowl

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4 Hunting Lessons Our Fathers Taught Us That Still Apply Today