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Meet the Holy **** Golf Ball Launcher


Out of sight, out of mind… right? This golf ball launcher leaves Sam Wood with only one thing to say: “Holy ****!”

Guns, fireworks, explosives, grenade launchers… simply put, we love things that go boom. Some of us also love golf. So what happens when you combine those two things? An epic toy called the golf ball launcher.

Sam Wood of Sam Wood Outdoors breaks out his bolt action golf ball launcher to see just how well it works.

And well, it seems to have some power.

Check out the crazy video here:

Hoping the insurance policy is updated, Sam drops the golf ball down the barrel and points it to the sky. With a trigger pull, the weapon goes off and sends the golf ball rocketing to the sky.

With a pause, Sam watches in bewilderment on where the ball went. He goes on to dip the barrel down to make sure the ball actually left the gun because they could not see it in the sky.

And after sitting quietly to hear if the ball hits the forest floor and hearing nothing, the only thing Sam can do is say “Holy ****!”

And as any good redneck would do, his next train of thought is… I’ve got four more shells! Let’s do it again.

So? If a golf ball falls in the woods and no one hears it, did a golf ball really fall at all?

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Meet the Holy **** Golf Ball Launcher