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Do You Know All of the History Behind the Glock?

History of Glock
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You’ve heard of the guns but have you ever heard the story? Take a look at the history of Glock and how these amazing weapons came to be. 

The history of Glock firearms is actually not as old as many would imagine and it’s actually quite interesting. Take a look into the Austrian headquarters of Glock as you meet Mr. Gaston Glock himself and go through how both the company and the firearm came into being.

It’s quite amazing that what is now possibly the most famous and most widely used pistol in the world was largely conceived around a dinner table in Mr. Glock’s home and was then developed in under 3 years. And, even more amazing is that most of the key components in that firearm haven’t really changed since that time.

There’s something to be said for doing something the right way the first time around.

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Do You Know All of the History Behind the Glock?