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The Henry 45-70: Knock Down Large Game with Ease

Deliver 2700 foot pounds of energy at super sonic speeds with the Henry 45-70 Rifle.

The Henry 45-70 rifle delivers the massive cartridge easily. The 45-70 was designed for use in military grade rifles and Gatling guns in the later 1800s. Naturally through the evolution of firearms, and the military's advancements in weaponry the 45-70 still lives.

This cartridge has seen war applications and today exists readily available in sporting applications. The 45-70 has taken large game from the top six exotic hunting list.

The Henry 45-70 delivers a rock solid foundation from which all this force needs to push from to be fired accurately. The Octagonal barrel adds much needed strength and rigidity. If you have ever had the opportunity to see 45-70 bullets in ultra slo motion you can see that this force is really unbelievable.

The 45-7o hits with such force that it pretty much delivers the weight of a small car on impact. In the video below you can see how the 45-70 knocks down a 2000-pound Bison fairly easily. The same can be applied during exotic hunts and for other more resilient animals.

The Henry 45-70 is already a gorgeous rifle to look at. Hopefully you can add a Henry rifle soon to your collection.


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The Henry 45-70: Knock Down Large Game with Ease