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The Grenade Launcher Anyone Can Own

Grenade Launcher Anyone can own
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If you like the idea of a grenade launcher, listen up, because you can own this one.

The X-37 Launcher from X-Products is a grenade launcher that anyone can own. That is, anyone with an extra $680 to spend on what is legally a flare gun. But it is one of the baddest looking flare guns you can possibly own, and technically, it is a legitimate grenade launcher as well.

Take a look as Demolition Ranch gives the X-37 a good test and goes into detail about some of the legalities associated with this weapon.

If you feel inclined to purchase this amazing piece of machinery, please make note of those laws. It is in fact a felony to use the launcher as a weapon if it is registered as a signal device. That means you are risking jail time and a loss of your rights to own and carry weapons. It’s just not worth it for that one shot with a live round inside.

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The Grenade Launcher Anyone Can Own